Jun 172014

School Swimsuit Bukkake

Rainy season is here now in Japanese but we starts to have super hot days.  One of those days, everyone is wishing to be in a nice clean pool to cool off.  But this schoolgirl Chiharu Maeda has a different idea.  She doesn’t want to cool down.  She wants to feel hot.   She puts on a school swimsuit and masturbates in front of her classmates.  Seeing how much Chiharu is in heat, guys unload cum all over her face and body, hoping their sperms will help her cool down a bit!!!

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Jun 082014

Bukkake Asuka

Nothing Fun than watching Bukkake Shower pouring over beautiful Women.  Here is my favorite video.  This day many guys’ dreams come true – they meet beautiful ASUKA in person.  To show and prove their love to her, they unload massive bukkake on her,  nasty cum they have saved up for days!  Asuka feels their love through this sticky mess and proclaims thick cum tastes better because of it’s “sexy manly* smell!!!


Jun 062014

massive thick bukkake

These guys must have saved up their sperms just for this!  Pretty Japanese girl Chiaki is surrounded by a group of guys, getting dick face massage and receives thickest and stickiest bukkake on her face.  Cum goes everywhere, on her hair, in her mouth, even in her eyes. It is so massive that she can barely keep her eyes open.

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Jun 042014

Rin Kitano Massive Bukkake

You are not safe in this apartment! Rin Kitano just came back from her work abd is getting relaxed in her apartment room.  Suddenly a group of guys burst into Rin Kitano’s apartment and present their dicks. Stunned and not knowing what to do, instinctively she sucks everybody’s call.  They all cover her face with tons of cum until her makeup runs in a complete mess.

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