Mar 302014

pussy bukkake

Skinny and small tits Japanese Ai gets interracial gangbang and in the end she receives her favorite surprise – pussy bukkake!  A guy after guy ejaculate on her still a gaping pussy and fill it up to the brim with their hot cum!  She gets super excited and her pussy opens wide for this non-stop cum injection.

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Mar 212014

Japanese Gyaru Facial

Rukia Mochizuki is a hot gyaru who loves posing for the camera and giving sexy upskirt shots of her hairy pussy.  She gets into the middle of wild gang bangs and fucked hard by horny studs with thick cocks.  After having good bangs, she receives thick cum facial.  Then as if to tease (or humiliate her, maybe), one of the guys uses a Japanese calligraphy brush, collects still dripping cum and moves it into Rukia’s mouth.  Yeah, why wastes cum?  Drink it up!

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Mar 202014

School Girl 50 Dicks Bukkake

Schoolgirl Luna is met with 50 cocks in a secret bukkake dungeon somewhere in hidden in Tokyo. Luna is here to suck all of them to please but many just cannot wait their turns.  Horny guys all eagerly rub their dicks on her face.  All dicks are hard.  They are ready to GO . Then thick, heavy cumshots pour and squirt out all over Luna’s face.  She cannot keep her eyes open otherwise, it would just drip right into her eyes!  Like a true nikubenki cum bucket, Luna rubs the cum all over herself like body lotion.

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Mar 162014

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Japanese gyaru Misato Kanzaki is dared by one of her male friends and takes up this bukkake challenge.  50 horny men wait  for Misato to get their cocks sucked by this energetic little devil.  She gives deep and slow blowjobs to one by one and lets some of her favorite guys fuck her wet pussy.  Soon all these guys unload their hot cum all over on her face and hair, making her drenched and sticky with nasty sperms .


Mar 142014

Hazuki Okita Bukkake

Cute Hazuki Okita with a gag ball in her mouth gets toyed first on her clit then banged relentlessly by numerous toys and fingers while a group of guys fondles her firm boobs.   She wants to scream out from pleasure but the gag ball stops it.  She cums again and again in silence.  When she seemingly cannot have anymore orgasm, finally the gag ball is taken out from her mouth.  But this is not the ends.  More toy.  Then to finish it off, guys after guys unload on her, making her pretty face sticky with nasty bukkake cum!


Mar 082014

Japanese teen Shiori Shiina Has Long Beautiful Legs and Loves to Cum – Japanese girls are some of the wettest girls in the world when it comes to sex. Turn one on and lube is something you do not need. Shiori is no exception. She loves to be finger fucked, loves stroking cock and eating her only makes her gush. See her videos and you will know I’m not lyin to ya.

Shiori Shiina has perfect body for fucking, long legs, tight wet pussy Japanese girl

Shiori Shiina has perfect body for fucking, long legs, tight wet pussy Japanese girl

Shiori Shiina has perfect body for fucking, long legs, tight wet pussy Japanese girl



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