Feb 262014

Lesbian bukkake gokkun idols

Three of Japan’s popular AV Idol, Tsubomi, Megumi Shino and Yui Misaki team up to give us this wonderful gokkun blowjob bukkake and lesbian video.  Yeah, everything you dream about is included in this video. These girls suck dicks, swap cum between them and swallow everything up together.  Hottest part is, three AV idols gets bukkake on their bodies and lick cum off each others.   This cum licking lesbians scene is truly arousing.  Don’t miss it.

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Feb 222014

blonde Japanese gyaru bukkake

If you really want to enjoy fuck with Japanese girls, you should consider Gyaru, special kuro gyaru (tanned gals).  They tend to be very carefree and love to have good sex. Today one blonde kuro gyaru is ready to have some fun.  Her wish is to have more than usual sex which she’s already had enough of this month.  So this perverted hentai gyaru is invited for a massive bukkake festival! She screams with joy!  This cock loving blonde gyaru sucks and rubs dicks to her heart’s content. Then all the guys release main course onto her face, covering it thickly with sticky white cum!

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Feb 192014

Secret Sperm Bukkake Club in Japan

Cash-stripped Japanese girl Miho Imamura answers the advertisement for waitresses in a night club.  The mama san there likes her and hires her on the spot.  That night Mama san tells her that she can offer Miho much higher paying job if she is willing.  She says yes.  As soon as Miho puts on a dress, Mama san takes her on a stage in a club where guys in underpants waiting for her.  Miho gets a job in a show club where customers can enjoy bukkake live and she is a performer! She hesitates at first but soon succumbs to the excitement of being watched and eagerly sucks dick and receives cum on her face and in her mouth.  In the end she swaps cum with mama san and gokkun swallows up all the cum given to her!

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Feb 152014

Japanese Teen Bukkake

Cute Luna is ready for mad bukkake fest.  She says she hesitated a little that she would be on camera but she decides to do it to discover new sensation and new HER!  And of course these guys are more than happy to give her new adventure.  As soon as she shows up, hard erect dicks rub all over Luna’s soft slender body and hairless pussy and it won’t take long horny guys give nasty thick bukkake on her small but shapely tits and soft armpits!

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Feb 112014

2 Japanese cum swapping

Anri Nonaka and Fuuka Nanasaki, 2 Japanese girls get crazy with cum.  With smiles and giggles, they receive cumshots all over their faces then open their mouths wide to accept hot sperms and swap a mouthful of  cum between them.  Of course, they never waste cum given to them. They gokkun cum, swallowing up everything into their tummies.  All these excite them so much that they can’t help touching each other for some hot lesbian action!  SUPER HOT VIDEO!


Feb 102014

Tokyo has had it’s biggest snowfall in 10 years according to the news.  Still, this Akihabara girl makes me feel very warm inside.

Ready for the beach, Japanese model in swimsuit


Playing in the Snow in Akihabara District, Tokyo – February 2014



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Feb 072014

Yume Kana Massiave Facial

Yume Kana is a top AV idol and you know why as soon as you watch this video.  She devours guys like a sex crazed animal and with smile licks up a guys asshole so that he can get good erection.  She squirts amazing amount of pussy juice and receives thick cum on her pretty face as she continues to get banged.  Don’t miss 11 mulitple bukkake cumload session too!



Feb 012014

Double Facial

2 Japanese hostesses from kyabakura are taken out for a drink after work with their regular customers.  These guys know what they are doing, so kabakura girls are smooth talked into a hotel to have nice hardcore foursome .  These girls are really good friends and kind of connected to each other in a funny way (feminine 6th sense?) .  When one starts cumming, the other starts cumming, too!  After enjoying their pussies, Guys give massive wet bukkake facial on them at the same time so that the best freinds can enjoy orgasm together!!!

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