Dec 312013

Nayuka Mine Facial

This is big tits Japanese girl Nayuka Mine’s first bukkake and the shoot happens on a rooftop.   From the way it looks, the building in a middle of the city and anyone who is in nearby building can see it from the windows!!!  But she is doing bukkake anyway, why does she need of being ashamed of anything!   If anyone is looking, that’s part of the thrill!   She is welcomed by clipping guys and they don’t lose any time to jerk themselves (for these horny guys, seeing her nice boobs is enough) and give nasty thick facial on her pretty face!


Dec 282013

Bukkake Gyaru

Tanned Shibuya Gyaru, or Kuro Gyaru Mary comes to bukkake room straight from Shibuya.  All her gyaru friends don’t know what she’s up to and she wants to keep it that way.  Understandably, not many young girls share her perverted cum needs… She loves licking dicks and thick white cum.  She takes cum from every continent she can, foreign or domestic.   You can see her excitement in her face when cum sprayed on her.   When all the participants relieve themselves and her tanned body gets covered with slimy cum, Mary is in heaven.  She can’t stop rubbing the cum over herself so that smell of the cum will stay with her as long as it can.


Dec 272013

Jukujo Bukkake Gokkun

Sexy mature Japanese Ryu Enami is perfect jukujo, she is as ripe as Japanese women can be and loves to fuck and get fucked dirty.  In this shoot, she sucks guys’ dicks on after another then puts a blindfold on to receive thick cum into her wide open mouth.  Yea, blind cum taste test!  Which one does she like most?  To be honest, she loves it all, can’t have it enough.  She gets it into her mouth so much, she cannot swallow up fast enough so cum spills out and drips down her body.  Still, she demands more cum!   Soon her body gets sticky wet with hot cum!


Dec 262013

Bukkake Shower

Beautiful AV Idol Reira Aisaki has a lot of fans. And many Japanese guys, in their twisted way, love to see their favorite pretty things get dirtied up.  To some, that is the most arousing thing ever.  So, today, Reira Aisaki decides to reward such fans by getting drenched with cum.  Cock after cock bursts forth with white hot sticky cum all over her beautiful face and body and she receives it as if it were a relaxing bath treatment.  Absolutely NASTY & HOT at the same time!



Dec 182013

School Bukkake

Schoolgirl Mio Amano is trapped.  Knowing she is a kind of girl who is willing to please, a bad male teacher asks her to demonstrate female sexual function in front of male students.  The teacher insists that it’s educational and hands over a vibrator to her.  All the students surround her and now she cannot back down.   As she masturbates on desks with her legs spread wide, students and the teacher take off their pants and jerk off on her face one after another.   All the guys bukkake on her til her face is covered with sticky gooey mess!


Dec 072013

Bukkake Gokkun Party

Japanese girl Mai Takei proudly proclaims that she loves abnormal sex.  So it’s no surprise that she is so delighted to hear she is invited to this super crazy Bukkake party as a guest of honor.  Funny thing is she begs guys to make sure to cum on her face. Why? Because if they cum on, in, or near her mouth, she can’t stop drinking / licking it all up.  She wants to enjoy bukkake party today!   But inevitably she ends up having stomachful of tasty cum in her belly while her pretty face gets drenched with nasty cum loads!

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