Nov 152013

Idol cooking show Bukkake
She is supposed to be a bishoujo idol but she cannot stay away from porn shoots.   She shows up in nice school outfit and immediately gets surrounded by horny guys in their undies.  Does she scream and run away? NO!   She cannot stop giggling and smiling while they fondle and dick rub her.  When hard dick start poking her face, she assists all of them by giving handjob and blowjob.  Soon her cute face is messed with nasty cum.    As if this bukkake is not enough, she demands more hardcore action.  Thus, her cooking show turns into hardcore fucking.  She is ready for it.  She cannot stop moaning as her shaved pussy gets banged by hard dick.  She is more than satisfied when she receives hot cum on her face after having happy multiple orgasm herself.



Nov 132013

Cum Storm

This is THE bukkake.  Poor Japanese girl Momo Mochida keeps receiving a massive bukkake cumshots on her face.  It’s like pouring down rain, seemingly never stops.  Soon, her entire body gets drenched with sticky cum but she never stops giving a blowjob nor fucking. Outstanding!   Look at that wet sheet below her cum drenched body.  How can she stand this maddeningly wet cum storm?  Enjoy the massive cum storm of 2013!


Nov 032013

International bukkake

Sumire Matsu is well-know AV porn Idol. But even her fame cannot spear her from being drenched with cum, whooping 70 cumshots.  Her sexy tanned body gets stunk up and dirtied up with nasty sperms produced by both Japanese and gaijin foreigners (some traveled  just to do this!) after international cocks rub her face thoroughly.  From certain point, Sumire looks like she is in trance.  Is she too stunned or too happy?  I don’t know.   But guessing from  the way she smiles while cum is shot at her and she gives nice titty fuck voluntarily, I bet she will try this bukkake trance session if she is given a chance!


Nov 022013

Tsubomi Bukkake

How come can Tsubomi stay cute and lovely after all these nastiness. Forever teen, AV Idol Tsubomi sits in front of her “classmates”, smiling so innocently. But all these guys are here to do one thing to her, to drench her with their cum. Like any horny school boys would have done the same, they immediately start to jerk off (why not? Tsubomi is here!!!) and splash massive cumloads on her cute face and body. In the end, when the camera focus moves from her face to her pussy, you can see if any correct way to do bukkake, this is The THE WAY.  Tsubomi is completely covered with cum.  And Tsubomi herself likes it a lot.  She says, ” Whenever guys cum a lot, I can’t help saying Thank You to them.”  Yeah, Tsubomi is the best cum dumpster ever.


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