Sep 282013

Japanese school president bukkake

Being class president is not easy. Actually very stressful, if you go to a school like Natsumi goes.  She needs to be very proper and is expected to be an example.  She needs to deflate herself away from school, she needs to got somewhere secret  and do something outrageous and perverted even.  To release her Other hidden self!   Thus, she is so addicted to this bukkake dungeon.  Here she is so free and alive and feels like TOTAL SLUT!


Sep 152013

Gaijin Bukkake

Bukkake party! Japanese and Gaijin san are all welcome!  This party is held in the honor of bukkake queen, Chiaki.  60 horny guys attend this party.  Some claims they have wanked for a week!  They are here to dedicate their sperms to Chiaki.  She is happy to see everybody.  She is so happy to see these guys, she even tries to speak English, making everyone smile and relaxed. Everyone gets naked and starts rubbing dicks on her.  Soon sticky loads totally cover her face. She loves it and ends her party with a facial dick massage!


Sep 122013

Bukkake Bus Tour
AV Idol Ayumi Kimino really loves her fans so she herself becomes a bus guide and invites her fans to join her to hot spring tour.   As soon as they gets in a bus, all the fans are encouraged to jerk off and give bukkake on her pretty face.  She is really nice and inviting (yes, she kisses, sucks dick and fucks everybody) and soon initial shy fans are joining in bukkake madness.  These guys must have keep their sperms just for this purpose.  Their drenching bukkake continues to out door hot spring and amazing night of bukkake party at the inn!


Sep 082013

Bukkake Report

Mina Nakano thinks she is a serious reporter but all she was sent out to cover so far are stupid local events and cute but useless “filler” kind of stories.  Today first time she is sent out to report serious investigative piece.  As soon as she arrives the location she finds out it is a porn studio where they shoot no other than bukkake scene.  Not only that, she is THE NEWS,  she is target of all the cum.  She MUST report the whole shoot while she is getting fucked and covered with cum load.



Sep 032013

Cum Bukkake Tray

Yuuri Katsuki is captured  by construction workers.  So many times, she passed them scornfully with her skimpy clothes so they decided to give her punishment and teach her who is the man.  They make sure she takes all of their cum on her face as they jerk off and she holds up a cum try.  Cum drips down her face and collects into the tray.  Yuuri is now submissive, she mashes her face into her and pours the cum on her face for self bukkake facial.



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