Jul 282013

Japanese Cum Bucket Bukkake

Japanese girl Rion is cute, young and from a country side. This is her first time in Tokyo and she is at a loss at this time. She loves getting attention but she doesn’t know how to get it.  Back home, she got a lot of attention because she is cute and somewhat loose on sex but now here in Tokyo, so many cute girls to compete! So when invited her to our party and told she is the center of  our attention she quickly replied yes.  We give her attention through our dicks, of course but this is much better than nothing, right?   Rion is humiliated with our angry cocks, and then covered with sticky cum. Guys went 6 days without wanking and have a party all over Rion’s her tits.

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Jul 262013

Japanese Bukkake

Big Tits Japanese girl Honami Uehara receives 500 Bukkake cum all over her face and body.  First she gets surrounded by a group of men and takes 200 multiple cum shower on her body.  Then, she is forced to suck multiple dicks and gets 100 cumshot facial.   Next, she gets fucked with toys while guys watch and masturbate.  Their cum gets collected and gets inserted into her pussy (oh nasty!) . In the end, she finally gets good banging, her tight pussy gets pounded by hard dicks one after another and DVD ends with amazing 100 creampies and Bukkake cum!


Jul 242013

Extreme Body Face Bukkake

Ryo Makimura is a real submissive Japanese slut.  Without hesitation she sucks dicks presented in front of her.  To her they are like lollipops.  She makes sure that every dick gets hard so that they can give her bukkake shower!  Soon everyone gives her a massive bukkake facial and she gets drenched with cum.  She is now hornier than ever.  She begs for good fucking which she gets while her body is totally wet  with cum loads.

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Jul 202013

cock rubbing Japanese bukkake

Japanese girl Momoha is surrounded by naked guys ready to cover her with their sperms. They rub their dicks all over her small tits and smooth armpits.  She gets aroused from it ( she IS a pervert) and as her pussy is played with, thick sticky semen bursts from all the hard cocks and lands onto her tits.  Momoha, in height of her excitement, rubs it all over her face, body and into her mouth and enjoy cum shower with all of her body.

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Jul 172013

Japanese Facial

Misaki Gotou needs to be pervertedly humiliated to have orgasm.  Today, she rides one dildo in a classroom in front of all her male classmate.  As if that were not enough, she sticks a huge dildo in her mouth and suck it.  All the guys around her cannot touch her but they are allow to jerk off on her!  One after another guys splash cum all over her face while Maki continues to suck on dildo.  By the time she reaches her orgasm, she is completely covered with sticky goo!!!


Jul 042013

Japanese housewife Ruri Anno and her daughter are at home when a group of yakuza come in.  A Yakuza says that her husband borrowed money from them and has refused to pay them back.  They now know her husband has no money to return so they comes to her to have the debt repaid with not money, but her body! They hold down Ruri and bukkake her face while terrified her daughter watches her mother drenching with cum…

Yakuza Bukkake

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