Jun 272013

no mosaic Japanese bukkake
Japanese schoolgirl Natsumi is class representative and everyone in her class thinks she is very straight and very proper, but she is only masking it.  She is an intense PERVERT.  She dreams about being surrounded by hard cocks and receiving hot cum from them over herself.  We learns about her wish and invites her to our bukkake dungeon. We fulfill her dream with a gaggle of cocks rubbing and prodding her face and body. And finally they dump loads of thick cum all over her face, making her true sperm receptable.

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Jun 252013

Nose hook Bukkake
This is extreme Bukkake – extreme facial and nose bukkake. 3 Japanese girls (they are not pro porn stars, quite normal Japanese amateurs) have nose hook bukkake experience.  Their noses are spread wide with hooks so that they can receive cumshots right into her nose holes.  They give blowjobs to any dicks that are present in front of them, then guys cum right onto their nose.  One of girls is so into it that she even shows you her special trick – cum goes into her nose then comes out of her mouth!!!

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Jun 232013

Japanese Cum Drinking
Guys are so horny, they continue to jerk off on Moe Kimijima.  Her face and mouth are completely covered with cum. But she needs more.  She holds up a tray and collects excess cum into it.  After hundreds of cum shots, now satisfied guys  collect the cum into a glass and gives it to her.  Happily, perverted Moe accepts it and swallows the entire full cup one mouthful at a time.

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Jun 212013

Japanese Bukkake Cult

Japan often create some strange cult groups.  But bukkake cult?  Yeah, don’t laugh. I’m serious.  Here’s the proof video. Schoolgirl Yuria is lured into the office where a bunch of cult members have gathered for secret BUKKAKE ceremony.  Their plan is to use Yuria’s face for sacred bukkake facial ceremony.  Yuria is no much to the group so serious about bukkake.  She gets fucked while her schoolgirl face is covered with cum.


Jun 092013

Bukkake Loving Japanese Girl Perv

It is wrong to think that girls don’t like bukkake. Some are actually love it.  Get paid and or not, they happily join in bukkake fest whenever they have chance.  Yurina Ayashino is one of those perverted Japanese girls. She loves cum and is so excited to get covered with cum that she immediately strips and runs into the room full of guys. She lets them grope her and immediately demands they give her cum.  Of course, she does her part to speed up the process by sucking their dicks.  She indeed appreciates and enjoy every cumshot on her face.

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