May 292013

You won’t believe your eyes when you check out this Asian sex video with Asian teen Misato Kanzaki. She is the ultimate Asian cum dumpster in this Asian sex video. It all starts semi innocently with Misato heading into the gym to check out the new guys. She loves to watch the boys practicing and the selections for the basketball team. Today though she gets to be a part of the team selections. She was thrilled that they would give her a chance to be a part of the team. When she heard they were looking for girls to relax the players before each game, she gave it her all. Misato gave each and every one of these fifty guys an Asian blowjob that they won’t forget and became their Asian bukkake whore.

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May 292013

Hirono Imai Dress Up Bukkake

Hirono Imai comes to shoot  really dressed up. Actually she wears her nicest gown and has her her done with nice flower on.  She is immediately surrounded by a group of horny guys, who think nothing but undress her and mess her up with their fluids!  She gets groped, felt, picked up and fingered until she squirts everywhere. Well, it’s that time to get naked. Then she gets fucked in front of the guys. They can’t hold back very long  and bukkake her face while she gets fucked in the doggy style.


May 252013

Teen School Girl Bukkake

While in her physical education uniform, Manami receives a mouthful of cum and uses her hands to play with it. Seeing she is very willing her classmate surround her for blowjob. She sucked a couple more cocks then received a facial.  On the grand finale, Manami has sex with one of her classmates while she receives cum shower!

Cosplay Bukkake

This movie is about cosplay. Japanese Maid wakes up her master in bed, but he does not want to get up until she gives him a blowjob and finally has sex. Then her master leaves for work and she goes up to her room to play with herself. As she is playing with herself, her master and his friends  come in the room and cum on her face.


May 192013

Japanese Bukkake

Japanese girl, Momoha is in the middle of bukkake storm.  Cocks and more cocks , they are everywhere, surrounding her. They mash her face and some push themselves into  her mouth, demanding good blowjob, other rub themselves on her face. Soon,  they all start drenching her face with hot sticky cum. Watch her get so excited while getting covered with hot sperm that she goes into orgasm!

Momoha Bukkake

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May 142013

Japanese Bukkake

Bi sexual Japanese women Bukkake Mess ! In the first scene business women share their boss cock before he comes in their mouths which they swap around and drinks up. The next scene has the business women stripping and masturbating in front of their coworkers. Their coworkers then whip their dicks out and cum all over them. When they are both heavily covered by cum they lick each other and cum swap back and forth playing with the collected semen. They do this throughout the rest of the movie in different scenes and costumes.

Japanese BukkakeBunko Kanazawa  gets bukkake instead of Tennis lesson.  The instructor makes her bend over a lot making her reveal her underwear and then he pokes at her private areas! He later gets her to remove her shirt and some guy sticks his dick in her mouth and then cums all over her face. The rest of the men do the same and give her a facial.


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