Apr 282012

Riku 島村りく – Shimumura

Riku is a Sweet Japanese School student who models in her part time.  This was her first shoot and video for Girls Delta.  She does gravure and softcore photos and videos for the site.  Pretty cool site, updates daily, has tons of sweet Japanese teens, all paipan, paipan is the Japanese term for hairless, or shaved.  Normally, Japanese girls do not shave their pussies.  They might trim their sweet Japanese pussy, but if they shave their pussy they’d all have to go the Japanese pussy hair toupee shop before going to the onsen (hot spring).  Onsens are quite popular in Japan, however, in the opinion of most onsens, the girls who come to enjoy the hot baths with no pussy hairs, are up to no good.   But trust me, if you sign up for membership or a token account at Girls Delta, buy just the videos you want, at Girls Delta you won’t see a single pussy with hair on it.  No kidding.

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Apr 272012

Kodaira May – Sexy Japanese teen with paipan (shaved) clean and sweet pussy.  When she spreads her fat and juicy Japanese pussy lips apart you can see she is almost virgin.  This babe is also a dancer and very limber.  Can you imagine penetrating her with your cock as her leg rides far above her head.  May’s pussy control is intense.  Imagine her squeezing and milking your cock with her tight Japanese pussy.

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